Pete Davidson Has Rejoined Instagram

Jonah Hill is engaged to your mom… ‘Tinder Swindler’ signs with Hollywood agent… Kelly Clarkson’s name change… A rare video of Wendy Williams… and Pete Davidson has rejoined Instagram

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There have been a lot of reports saying Jonah Hill is engaged to his surf instructor girlfriend Sarah Brady. Jonah responded to the engagement rumors with a post on Instagram writing “The rumors are not true. I am engaged, but not to my girlfriend. I am engaged to your mom. I know this is shocking but please respect our privacy at this time.” He tagged his location in the post as “Your mom’s house.” In the caption he said, “Media stop writing fake stuff. It’s corny.”

If you haven’t watched “Tinder Swindler” on Netflix yet, I don’t think I’m spoiling it by saying this scam artist used Tinder to swindle women out of millions of dollars….It’s literally in the title of the documentary. He wasn’t born Simon Leviev, but that’s the name he goes by now. And guess who has a manager and wants to turn his newfound fame into a career in Hollywood?? Simon has signed on with manager Gina Rodriguez, who represents a lot of reality stars including Mama June. Reportedly, they’ve got some great ideas, including a podcast where Simon shares his dating tips and a dating show where women compete for his love. Netflix estimates Simon scammed women out of around $10M, but according to the Federal Trade Commission, other dating app con artists swindled Americans out of $547M in 2021.

When Kelly Clarkson decided to divorce Brandon Blackstock, she legally dropped Blackstock and went back to her maiden name. Now The Blast has obtained legal documents showing that on Valentine’s Day, Kelly filed papers to drop her last name altogether. Legally, she will only be known by her first and middle names, Kelly Brianne. In the documents, you’re required to give a reason for changing your name and Kelly wrote, “My new name more fully reflects who I am.”

With all the gossip about her health and mental wellness, Wendy Williams posted a video on her Instagram yesterday to let us see how she’s doing. Her rep told Page Six that Wendy “believes that, thanks in large part to the love and support of her son, her family, her new team of doctors and a change of scenery, she is on the mend.” The rep then asked us all to “please send positive messages, energy, and affirmations to her social media that she can read daily.” In the video Wendy posted yesterday, she’s walking on a beach in Florida while her son Kevin films her. Wendy said that her heart belongs in NY but she goes to Florida because she has “real family … mother, father, sister, brother…” Wendy’s mom died in December 2020, but her publicist said Wendy’s mom is buried in Florida and insisted the video was filmed yesterday morning. In the video, Wendy also says she is 56 years old, when she’s actually 57. Again, the rep says Wendy just misspoke and that this video WAS filmed just yesterday.

Back in the summer of 2018, Pete Davidson ditched social media because it wasn’t good for his mental health. At the time, Pete said, “Why should I spend any time on negative energy when my real life is f–king lit. The fact that I even have to say this proves my point. I love you all and I’m sure I’ll be back at some point. 🙂 your neighborhood goon, Pete.” Over the past week, Kanye West has been coming hard for Pete on Instagram, so is this really a great time for Pete to rejoin? He thinks so. Pete is back on Instagram @pmd, and in less than 24 hours he was on track to hit a million followers. So far, he only follows two people — Kim Kardashian and Sebastian Stan. (No Machine Gun Kelly? I thought they were BFFs.) But among those following Pete include Kanye. He posted a screenshot of Pete’s account last night and captioned it “FOLLOWED.” He deleted the post shortly after but is still following Pete for now.

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