Post Malone’s Flight Safely Makes Emergency Landing

Madonna has not apologized… Tiffany Haddish’s stand-up comedy special… Halsey & G-Easy are back together… Nicki Minaj has cancelled her tour… and Post Malone’s flight safely makes emergency landing

Last year, the MTV VMAs had the lowest ratings in the show’s history. Host Katy Perry tried her best, but the “Game of Thrones” season finale proved to be too much competition. So for the first time, MTV decided to move the awards show to Monday night, but that didn’t work. Now the 2018 VMAs have the distinction of being the lowest in the show’s history. Last year they had 5.36 million viewers. This year? 2.25 million. Among all the cable shows, they came in second behind USA Network’s WWE programming. But MTV is putting a positive spin on it. They say they had 141.6 million streams Monday night, making it the most streamed award show in Viacom’s history. MTV also claims that social engagement for the show surged 46 percent, which is mostly because people couldn’t help but comment on Madonna’s tribute to Aretha Franklin. Only, Madonna is saying it WASN’T a tribute to Aretha Franklin. In her defense, she said she was used to present video of the year and then they asked her to share any anecdotes he had in her career that could be connected to Aretha. So apparently she scrambled and came up with one and doesn’t feel like she has to apologize for it.

Tiffany Haddish didn’t exactly kill it on the VMAs, but she’s still winning at life. In early 2019, Tiffany is going to record an hour-long standup comedy special for Netflix that will air later that year. Tiffany is definitely striking while the iron is hot. She currently stars in the TBS show “The Last O.G.” with Tracy Morgan and she got three movies coming out this fall — “Night School” with Kevin Hart, a Thanksgiving thriller-comedy called “The Oath,” and Tyler Perry’s “Nobody’s Fool.” And remember, Tyler Perry bought Tiffany a Tesla as a present for doing that movie. Like I said, she’s winning at life!

It looks like Halsey and G-Eazy are back together. They left Travis Scott’s VMA after-party hand-in-hand at 4:40 in the morning. The two of them broke up a couple months ago and Halsey worked it out emotionally while she was on tour and deleted pretty much all of their Instagram photos together. But it looks like they’re giving love a second chance.

Page Six is reporting that top music industry insiders believe Nicki Minaj is spiraling out of control. One source said, “Nicki has gone off the rails. She can’t take it that she sold less records than Cardi B (who’s stealing her thunder big time) in her first week; she can’t take it that Travis beat her to No. 1. Her ticket sales for her tour are in the toilet, and it’s making her even more crazy.” As far as those ticket sales, a Live Nation source told Page Six that “Nicki’s tour could be the most disappointing ticket sales of the year for any artist.” The source said for opening night in Baltimore, only 2000 tickets were sold. LA had only sold 2400. New Orleans, only 1000! And even her hometown of Brooklyn only sold just over 5000 tickets. So Nicki has decided to cancel her North American tour with Future. They SAY it’s being rescheduled for May, but Future won’t be part of it because of scheduling conflicts.

Post Malone had a few hours to think, “What if this is it?” Thankfully, it wasn’t! The morning after the VMAs, Post boarded a private plane for London, where he’s scheduled to play a music festival on Friday. But two of the planes wheels blew up on takeoff, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing, but not before burning off thousands of gallons of fuel! TMZ says 9 fire trucks, 12 ambulances and at least 25 emergency personnel were on standby, just in case. But fortunately, the plane landed safely and all 16 people on board are fine. However, after he landed, Post said he needed beer and wine or BOTH! He also tweeted, “i landed guys. thank you for your prayers. can’t believe how many people wished death on me on this website. (BLANK) you. but not today.”


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