Queen Elizabeth II Died Peacefully At 96

Lewis Capaldi’s reveal… Ricky Martin files lawsuit… Olivia Wilde interview… Kris Jenner takes a lie detector test… and Queen Elizabeth died peacefully at 96

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Lewis Capaldi revealed to his Instagram followers this week that he was recently diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. He explained that his shoulder starts to twitch whenever he gets “excited, happy, nervous or stressed” and that it’s not as bad as it looks. But he said, “I wanted to speak about it because I didn’t want people to think I was taking cocaine or something.”

Ricky Martin has filed a $20M lawsuit against the 21-year-old nephew who accused him of having a 7-month long romance with him and then stalking him after he ended it. Back in July, we found out the nephew had filed restraining order against Uncle Ricky, who denied everything. He faced up to 50 years in prison, but the nephew withdrew his claim and the case was dismissed. However, the drama didn’t stop there. In his lawsuit, Ricky claims that his nephew has been sending him DMs, threatening to “assassinate his reputation and integrity” unless Ricky paid him off. The lawsuit also claims the nephew posted Ricky’s phone number and created an Instagram account for one of Ricky’s children, which greatly disturbed Ricky. The lawsuit also claims that these accusations of an incestuous relationship cost Ricky several multi-million dollar deals, so that’s why he’s asking for $20M. He also wants the judge to order his nephew to cease all communication with him and his family.

In a new interview with “Vanity Fair,” Olivia Wilde addresses some of the drama surrounding her new movie “Don’t Worry Darling” as well as her personal life. Olivia said the rumor that she left Jason Sudeikis for Harry Styles is “complete horsesh**” and that their relationship was over long before she met Harry. On her rumored feud with Florence Pugh, Olivia said, “It is very rare that people assume the best from women in power. I think they don’t often give us the benefit of the doubt. Florence did the job I hired her to do, and she did it exquisitely. It is ironic that now, with my second film — which is again about the incredible power of women, what we’re capable of when we unite, and how easy it is to strip a woman of power by using other women to judge and shame them — we’re talking about this.” What about Florence not promoting the movie much on her social media? Olivia said, “I didn’t hire her to post. I hired her to act. She fulfilled every single expectation I had of her. That’s all that matters to me.”

Kris and Kylie Jenner were guests on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” last night. When they booked the appearance, Kris surprisingly agreed to sit down for a lie detector test. After a couple of softball questions to get things going — by the way, Kris said James is her favorite late night host and that was true — James went for it, asking Kris if she or anyone in her family had overseas tax shelters. Kris laughed and said no, which registered as true. Then Kylie asked her mom if she was her favorite child and Kris said, “Yes.” True! James followed up with, “Did you help Kim release her sex tape?” The audience couldn’t believe he asked that, but Kris said, “It’s okay. No. No.” That registered as true, as well. Kylie asked, “Do you think Travis and Kourtney’s PDA is too much?” Kris responded, “Once in a while,” which was deemed her first lie. Did Kris like Kourtney’s wedding dress? Yes, she loved it. True. James asked if Kim ripped the Marilyn Monroe dress at the Met Ball. No. That was true. And then the final question came from Kylie: “Has Kendall learned how to cut a cucumber?” No. And that was true.

She was the longest-reigning monarch in British history. After serving 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II passed away yesterday at the age of 96. Her two oldest children, Charles and Anne, were at her bedside when she passed, as her other children, Andrew and Edward, and her grandchildren William and Harry, raced to Balmoral in Scotland, but sadly didn’t make it in time. Mourners have been gathering outside Buckingham Palace singing “God Save the Queen” and shouting “Long live the King!” King Charles III will address the nation for the first time this evening. While he is now king, his coronation won’t take place until some time next year to allow a proper time of mourning for his mother. King Charles won’t be allowed to publicly wear a crown until after that ceremony. Camilla now becomes Queen Consort, which is a title that came with her mother-in-law’s blessing. The Queen will laid to rest within St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. She will be buried next to her father, King George VI, her sister, Princess Margaret, and Prince Philip, her husband of 73 years.


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