Rumors Of Wendy Williams’ Show Ending

Jessi Combs has died… Disney’s upcoming streaming service… Pete Davidson is grumpy… Colton Underwood’s kissing… and Rumors of Wendy Williams show ending

Fans of “Mythbusters” are mourning a huge loss. One of the stars of that show, Jessi Combs, was also a professional racer. She was known as the fastest woman on four wheels. Jessi died while attempting to break her own land speed record. She was driving a 56-foot-long, 52K-horsepower jet car in a dry lake bed in southeastern Oregon when something went horribly wrong and Jessi ended up in a fiery crash. She died at the scene. She was only 36. Investigators were attempting to recover laptop computers inside the jet car to see if they can figure out what happened.

How excited are you about Disney’s upcoming streaming service? According to a new survey from UBS, 24 percent of Americans say they are “extremely likely” to subscribe to Disney+ once it’s available in November. Nineteen percent say they are “somewhat likely” to subscribe. Based on their projections, Disney execs expect to have 30 million subscribers by the end of 2024.

Why is Pete Davidson so dang grumpy? He reportedly is dating Andie McDowell’s daughter, Margaret Qualley, who is just as beautiful as her mother. You may have seen her in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” She played Pussycat, the hitchhiking Charles Manson follower who put her bare feet on the windshield of Brad Pitt’s car when he gave her a ride. Anyway, Pete wasn’t exactly in the best mood during his standup show at the University of Central Florida. Pete has a no-cellphone rule during his gigs and went OFF on some students who broke that rule. Pete called them the “B” word and the “R” word, telling them, “I meant it that way, idiots. You should (BLANKING) grow up. It says no phones. … You’re just supposed to just, like, behave. I have to have my boy patrol you guys like you’re 5 years old? That’s (BLANKING) embarrassing.” He went on and on and then chewed them out for not laughing at his jokes. One person who was in the audience tweeted that when Pete realized the audience was turning on him, he tried to turn it into a motivational speech. Yeah. That didn’t go so well, either. The university released a statement saying, “Mr. Davidson’s abusive language, particularly his use of a derogatory slur, is contrary to the University of Central Florida’s values of inclusion and respect for all. It’s disappointing that his rant spoiled an event that was meant to welcome students back for the fall semester.”

If you watch “Bachelor in Paradise,” you heard some of the ladies being less than complimentary about Colton Underwood’s kissing skills. Derek asked the ladies about their worst kiss ever and Kristina, Sydney, Caitlin, and Tayshia all said Colton! Although Tayshia did admit that he got better towards the end of the season. Of course, his girlfriend Cassie Randolph had to stick up for her man. She posted a gif of her and Colton kissing, captioning it, “Kiss me dammit you good kisser you.” After the show aired, Demi posted that she actually thought Colton was a good kisser and Cassie responded, “Same. Still do and I guess that’s all that matters.”

Sources say the staff at Wendy Williams’ talk show see the writing on the wall and they’ve started looking for other gigs. Wendy has one season left on her contract and a source told the National Enquirer that the show may not be renewed. Who would take over? Sources say it could be Jerry O’Connell, who killed it in the ratings when he filled in for Wendy during her extended hiatus. In fact, Jerry is wrapping up his 3-week test run of his own show called “Jerry O’” that ran on select FOX stations. Wendy is actually one of the executive producers of Jerry’s show, but did it ever cross her mind that he could actually end up replacing her??

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