Ryan Adams Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By Several Women

DOUBLE SPOILER ALERT… “Breaking Bad” movie is coming to Netflix… Jennifer Lopez quit… Cardi B is back… and Ryan Adams accused of sexual misconduct by several women

DOUBLE SPOILER ALERT: Last night on “The Masked Singer,” the Alien was revealed, and she is…………..LaToya Jackson! We’ve got six more to go, people! But next week is a double-elimination episode. And the winner of “Celebrity Big Brother” has been crowned. Ricky Williams was able to bring whoever he wanted to the final two, and he made a huge mistake when he chose Tamar Braxton because all nine jury votes went to her. It only cost him $200K. As runner-up, Ricky won $50K and Tamar won $250K.

Variety has confirmed that the “Breaking Bad” movie is coming to Netflix! It will stream there first before it moves over to its original home on AMC. Nobody has any details on the plot — or at least those who do aren’t saying anything. It was previously reported that Aaron Paul will be back as Jesse Pinkman but we don’t know about Bryan Cranston coming back as Walter White. The series creator Vince Gilligan is writing and directing.

Jennifer Lopez challenged us all to quit carbs and sugar for 10 days, but it wasn’t for fun. She’s training for a movie called “Hustlers” where she is playing a stripper. She told Ellen DeGeneres that she works out a lot and she’s super healthy, but her trainer suggested they do something to “move the needle.” JLo said she didn’t think she could do it because carbs and sugar make up most of her diet. She did it, though, but it was hard! Jennifer said, “You feel like you’re in an alternate reality or universe, like you’re addicted and you think about it all the time.” She said she even had daydreams about bread! But at the end of ten days, she was over it. She said, “When you go back to the sugar, you don’t want it as much. It’s something you get used to a little bit.” She added that eliminating carbs and sugar took down inflammation and she felt smaller and less swollen. But did you catch that part about how JENNIFER LOPEZ IS PLAYING A STRIPPER?? And just in case you thought her life couldn’t get any better, JLo told Ellen that A-Rod bought her a fixer-upper home for their 2-year anniversary and that Joanna Gaines has offered to help with the project!

That didn’t take long. After 48 hours, Cardi B fired up her Instagram and announced, “Ok so I’m back from retirement to announce I have a brand new song coming out Friday at midnight with @brunomars . # twogrammywinningartist.” By the way, there is a “parental advisory” label in the corner of her post with Bruno, so you may want to listen to it first before you gather your kids around the radio.

According to a New York Times investigation, Ryan Adams is an awful human being. At least seven women have come forward accusing him of emotional and verbal abuse and harassment. Among is accusers are his ex-wife Mandy Moore and a then-underage girl! She is now 20, but she told the Times that Ryan first contacted her online when she was only 14. She says at first their conversations were about music — she was a promising bass player — but things turned eventually turned sexual. Right after she turned 16, he texted her, “If people knew they would say I was like R Kelley lol.” He also texted, “Tell me that your mom is not gonna kill me if she finds out we even text.” The woman admits she never showed Ryan any ID and sometimes told him she was 18. The Times says Ryan had a pattern of offering career opportunities to young female artists with things turning sexual. And if these young women refused him, he would sometimes “turn domineering and vengeful, jerking away his offers of support when spurned.” Mandy says Ryan verbally and emotionally abused her during their marriage, basically destroying her chances at a successful music career when she was in her mid- to late-20s. Ryan tweeted an apology, saying he’s not perfect and he’s made many mistakes. He tweeted, “To anyone I have ever hurt, however unintentionally, I apologize deeply and unreservedly.” But he also tweeted that the Times got a lot of stuff very wrong and that he would never have inappropriate interactions with someone he thought was underage.


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