Verdict In Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s Libel Trial Stalled

Star Wars calls out racism… Matthew Morrison was fired… Simu Liu waxed his entire body… Harry Styles’ ‘Harry’s House’ debuts as No. 1… and Verdict in Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s libel trial stalled

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Moses Ingram plays Inquisitor Reva in the new “Obi-Wan Kenobi” on Disney+ and her character is EVIL. You’re supposed to hate her character, NOT the actress playing her. But Moses went on Instagram yesterday and found tons of awful, racist messages directed towards her. She posted a video talking about the situation, and Ewan McGregor — who plays Obi-Wan Kenobi — posted his own video showing support for Moses. The official “Star Wars” account posted a statement saying, “We are proud to welcome Moses Ingram to the Star Wars family and excited for Reva’s story to unfold. If anyone intends to make her feel in any way unwelcome, we have only one thing to say: we resist.

Matthew Morrison released a statement last week saying it had been “an incredible honor” serving as a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance,” but he was leaving the show. He vaguely explained, “After filming the audition rounds for the show and completing the selection of the 12 finalists, I did not follow competition production protocols, preventing me from being able to judge the competition fairly. I cannot apologize enough to all involved and I will be watching alongside you all on what I know will be one of the best seasons yet.” So, what happened??? A source close to the show told “People” magazine that Matthew was fired after sending flirty DMs to one of the contestants. The source said, “She felt uncomfortable with his line of comments and went to producers, who then got Fox involved. He was fired after they did their own investigation.” The source said Matthew and the contestant “never met up off-set. It was just messages that crossed the line.” Matthew had already filmed several episodes, which will still air. No word yet on who will fill the empty seat next to the other two judges, JoJo Siwa and Stephen “tWitch” Boss.

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s upcoming live-action “Barbie” movie will have several versions of Ken and Barbie. Simu Liu, from “Shang-Chi,” will play one version of Ken. But one thing all the versions of Ken will have in common is a hairless body. Simu had to get a full body wax for the role. He said, “Waxing has been an education to say the least. It was one of the most painful experiences of my life.” Simu said he has a newfound admiration for the incredibly brave women who get waxed on a monthly basis. THANK YOU, SIMU! Now, Simu wouldn’t reveal anything about the movie’s plot. He did reveal that he’s been in a lot of dance rehearsals for the movie but it’s not a musical. “Barbie” is scheduled to open in theaters on July 21, 2023.

Harry Styles’ new album “Harry’s House” is doing really, REALLY well. As of now, it’s the biggest selling album of 2022. In its first week of release, “Harry’s House” had over 61K chart sales. And Harry has now broken Taylor Swift’s one-week vinyl sales record. In its first week of release, Taylor’s “Red (Taylor’s Version)” sold 114K albums. “Harry’s House” sold 182K, making it the biggest vinyl sales week of the modern era.

After another 8 hours of deliberation in the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial, the jury hasn’t reached a verdict. It may take a while. After listening to six weeks of testimony during which they were not allowed to discuss the case, they were handed 37 pages of instructions! We have no way of knowing how long this can take, so we wait. Amber is counter-suing Johnny for $100M, and part of the reason is because she claims the ongoing drama with Johnny has cost her movie roles. She also claims Johnny is the reason her role in “Aquaman 2” was reduced to next-to-nothing, but a movie studio executive said it had nothing to do with Johnny. He said Amber simply had no on-screen chemistry with Jason Momoa. But according to her IMDb page, Amber is getting ready to appear in two upcoming movies. “Run Away With Me” is about an American in Paris who falls in love with a model and then discovers the criminal underworld of the modeling industry in Europe. And “In the Fire” is set in the 1890s. Amber plays a NY psychiatrist who visits a Colombian plantation to care for a disturbed boy. While treating the child, she has to deal with a priest who believes the boy is possessed. And according to, Johnny Depp is rumored to be starring in “Beetlejuice 2” after someone googled about a “Beetlejuice” sequel and Johnny’s name was on a call sheet. It’s not listed on Johnny’s IMDb page.


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