Was Donda Released Without Kanye’s Permission?

Box Office news… Carole Baskin sells Joe Exotic’s former zoo… Next host of “Jeopardy”… Tom Cruise’s car stolen… and Was Donda released without Kanye’s permission?

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The movie studio expected “Candyman” to do about $15M on its opening weekend, but it blew past that to earn $22.3M and a first place finish. It only cost $25M to make, and since it earned another $5.2M overseas, it’s all gravy now! “Free Guy” is still doing well, earning another $13.6M in its third weekend for a second place finish. “Paw Patrol: The Movie” took in another $6.6M in it second weekend for third place. “Jungle Cruise” was in fourth with $5M, which also meant the movie has hit the $100M mark. And rounding out the top five was “Don’t Breathe 2” with $2.8M.

Joe Exotic is still sitting in prison, serving 22 years for animal abuse and trying to hire someone to kill his nemesis Carole Baskin. Last year, a judge awarded Carole control over Joe’s former Oklahoma zoo to satisfy the $1M judgment she won against him in their trademark lawsuit. Over the weekend, we found out Carole sold that property back in June for $140K to a couple who has nothing to do with any of the “Tiger King” drama. According to the deed, the new owners are barred from using the land to house exotic animals of any kind, or as a zoo, wildlife park or menagerie for 100 years. The new owners also can’t name any new business on the property after anything related to its “Tiger King” past, including the words “tiger” or “big cat.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that as recently as nine months ago, Ken Jennings was going to be the next host of “Jeopardy!” But when Ken was announced as the first of their rotating guest hosts, people started digging for dirt on his Twitter and found what they were looking for buried in 2014. Ken apologized for his tasteless humor, but the tweet resurfaced recently and Sony executives decided they’d look for someone else. Of course, we all saw how their choice of producer Mike Richards blew up in their faces.

It feels like Tom Cruise has been filming “Mission Impossible 7” for YEARS, but we’ll finally get it in May of next year. Meantime, filming continues in England. Last week, Tom had a really bad day when his $190K BMW was stolen from in front of the hotel where he’d been staying during the shoot. Thieves used a scanner to copy the access code on the key fob. The car was recovered a short time later just three miles away, but it had been emptied of all Tom’s personal items, including thousands of dollars’ worth of luggage.

After three listening parties and several delayed release dates, Kanye West finally dropped his “Donda” album early Sunday morning. Or DID he? Not long after the album hit the internet, Kanye posted a message on social media saying his record label released it without his approval. Kanye also said his label blocked the release of his song “Jail pt 2” which was co-written by Marilyn Manson and featured DaBaby. At his listening party in Chicago, Jay-Z’s verse in “Jail” was dropped and replaced with a verse from DaBaby. But when the album came out, Jay-Z’s version was posted but “Jail pt 2” was listed as “unavailable.” Kanye posted screenshots of his texts with his manager who said DaBaby’s manager is the one who didn’t clear the song to be released. But Kanye said he refuses to take DaBaby off the song because he was the only person who publicly said he would vote for Kanye in his failed Presidential campaign. Meantime, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are both upset with Kanye after finding out they were dropped from Kanye’s album.

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