Wendy Williams Keeping Personal Security On Set

Big Jeopardy! winner… Luke Perry’s body… Britney Spears’ conservatorship… Khloe Kardashian posts… and Wendy Williams keeping personal security on set until Kevin Hunter’s out

That’s 10 wins in a row for “Jeopardy!” contestant James Holzhauer, who beat his own record for the biggest single-day winnings with $110,914. That’s $20,213 more than the old record that he set 8 days before. He risked it all on the final category, “20th Century Literary Characters.” The answer: “His first name refers to the ancient district in which you’d find the Greek capital; his surname is a bird.” The question: “Who is Atticus Finch?” Meantime, host Alex Trebek tweeted a video yesterday announced that he’d just wrapped the final day of taping for Season 35. Last month Alex announced he’s battling Stage IV pancreatic cancer. He said despite what we may have heard, he’s feeling good and that he and the staff are already working on Season 36 of “Jeopardy!” Alex said, “I look forward to seeing you once again in September with all kinds of good stuff.”

A lot of people were surprised about just how upset they were when Luke Perry passed away after suffering a massive stroke. He was only 52. But while his spirit has departed, Luke’s body lives on. While many were under the impression that Luke’s body was cremated, Radar Online says that’s not the case. A source said it was Luke’s wish to be buried on his farm in Tennessee wrapped in a mushroom suit that will turn his body into clean compost.

Yesterday, I told you about how a man claiming to be a former paralegal for Britney Spears’ conservatorship told a fan podcast that Jamie Spears had his daughter committed to a mental health facility against her will. The unnamed source claimed Britney has been there since mid-January and there’s no end date in sight. Now Britney’s mom seems to be backing up that claim. When somebody posted on Lynne Spears’ Instagram comments, “I really hope you are supporting Britney in trying to end (her) conservatorship. I really hope your ailing ex husband isn’t keeping your daughter somewhere against her will,” she clicked that little heart and liked it!

In videos posted from baby True’s first birthday party, everybody noticed that cold shoulder Khloe Kardashian was giving Tristan Thompson. And now she’s been posting her infamous Instagram messages again. A couple days after the party, Khloe seemed to address her birthday party behavior, posting, “Don’t kill people with kindness, because not everyone deserves your kindness. Kill people with silence, because not everyone deserves your attention.” She followed that up with, “People hate when you show them how it feels to be treated the way they treat you.” Mm-hm. But she’s not done. In fact, it sounds like Khloe is now in the angry stage of grief over the loss of this relationship. She posted yesterday, “Dear men. Close your eyes. Imagine you have a daughter. Imagine she is dating a guy just like you. Did you smile? No. Then change.” One of Tristan’s friends told Hollywood Life, “Tristan is really upset with Khloe right now. He’s taking a lot of her messages on Instagram personally and his feelings are getting hurt.” Awwww…

I guess firing your husband isn’t as easy as she thought. Because their love and business lives are so intertwined, it’s going to take some time for Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter to dissolve their professional relationship. And even though he knows she doesn’t want him there, Kevin keeps showing up for work at “The Wendy Williams Show”! Sources told TMZ that about a week before she served him with divorce papers on set, things were getting really heated between the two of them. In at least one instance, the sources said Kevin had to restrained. That’s when Wendy hired 3 full-time bodyguards, who were there when Kevin was served with papers. And those bodyguards will remain with Wendy until Kevin vacates the premises.

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