Why Lagniappe?

“Lagniappe,” something extra, 2 for the price of 1, Two great stations,  and 640 AM KTIB and Lagniappe 103.7 FM serving both Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes. Offering you the best News, Talk and Music format around with our new hit music format. Giving you ” More of what you want!”

Mark Twain once wrote about “lagniappe” in his book, Life on the Mississippi.

We picked up one excellent word—a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get; a nice limber, expressive, hand word—‘lagniappe.’ They pronounce it land-yap…The custom originated in the Spanish quarter of the city. When a child or a adult buys something in a shop—or even the major or the governor, for aught I know—he finishes the operation by saying ‘Give me something for lagniappe’ (extra). The shopman always responds; and gives the child a bit of licorice-root, gives the adult a cheap cigar or a spool of thread, give the governor—I don’t know what he gives the governor; support, likely.