William Shatner Prepares for Blue Origin Launch

Tyga was arrested… Wendy Williams has “serious” complications… Kacey Musgraves’ star-crossed not eligible… Offset gifted Cardi B a house… and William Shatner prepares for launch

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Tyga was arrested on a felony domestic violence charge. His ex-girlfriend — 22-year-old model Camaryn Swanson — accused him of assaulting her early Monday morning. Police initially tried to speak with Tyga at his home, but he refused. He turned himself in yesterday and was released after posting a $50k bail. A source close to Tyga said Camaryn showed up at his house “shouting” on his doorstep, and the situation escalated once he let her inside. Camaryn filed a police report after leaving Tyga’s house, which is where she claims the assault took place. In response to a TMZ story on this, Camaryn posted pictures of her black eyes on her IG Story, captioning them, “I didn’t show up ‘screaming’ or uninvited. When I tried to leave, he physically assaulted [me] and refused to let me leave for hours. I’m so embarrassed and ashamed it had to get to this but I have to stand up for myself.”

They keep postponing the return of Wendy Williams’ talk show, but they can’t wait any longer. Season 13 will debut on Oct. 18 without Wendy Williams. Producers promise, “…an exciting lineup of guest hosts and panels to be announced shortly.” In making the announcement, producers say Wendy “is experiencing serious complications as a direct result of Graves’ Disease and her thyroid condition,” but she “continues to be under medical supervision and meets with her medical team on a daily basis.”

Critics and fans alike are loving Kacey Musgraves’ new album, “star-crossed.” It debuted at #1 on the country albums chart and #3 on the all-genre album chart. But the people who decide what categories albums and songs should go into for Grammy consideration has decided that Kacey’s album is NOT eligible for Best Country Album. They felt it was too pop. They did, however, say it was eligible for Album of the Year, which covers all genres of music. Now, here’s the real confusing part — one of Kasey’s songs on the album, “Camera Roll,” was submitted and accepted for the Best Country Song category. A lot of people aren’t happy about this situation, including the president of Kasey’s record label. She wrote a long, open letter to the Academy, saying these decisions are “very inconsistent and calls into question the other agendas that were part of this decision.” She wrote that Kacey is very important to country music and “taking her out of the country category actually does harm to a format struggling with change and inclusivity overall. Women make up only 10% of all country airplay. This year alone country music has been mired in the controversy surrounding one of the formats biggest artists, Morgan Wallen, who used a racial slur and grew fans and audience from it. THIS IS NOT ALL THAT WE ARE…” She added that Kacey’s new album is, in fact, more country than her LAST album, “Golden Hour,” which won Album of the Year AND Best Country Album in 2019. We’ll see if that letter makes a difference!

Cardi B turned 29 this week which means Offset had to buy her an extravagant and expensive gift. Typically, he gets her a $400k car or another Birkin bag, but he wanted to go over the top this year. At her birthday party, Offset got on the mic and said he wanted to do something special for this past year. They reconciled and had their second child together. He had her turn to a big screen and showed off the beachside mansion he bought her in the Dominican Republic. On her Instagram, Cardi posted a virtual tour of the place. She captioned it, “I’ve been telling Set that I really want to invest in short term home rental properties in the DR and other Caribbean countries (since people vacation all year around in those locations), but I felt like he didn’t agree with me and would rather put money into other investments.” “For one, I’m so happy you were actually listening to me and not just smiling and nodding your head so I could stop talkin to you about it 😂. Two, you don’t think my investment ideas are wack 😩 and three, I love that you asked my dad to work with you on this…I ♥♥ you so much and I can’t wait for this hangover to go away so I can show you my full appreciation 😈😈

Jeff Bezos is sending four more people up into space today on his Blue Origin New Shepard rocket, including Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner! It turns out Jeff Bezos was a HUGE Star Trek fan and he’s sending up some toys that he made when he was 9. His mother had actually saved them for 48 years and dug them out last week. And, at 90-years-old, William Shatner becomes the oldest person ever to travel into space. Joining him are Chris Boshuizen, a venture capitalist and the co-founder of Planet Labs; Glen de Vries, co-founder of Medidata Solutions; and Audrey Powers, Blue Origin’s VP of mission and flight operations. The rocket was supposed to take off yesterday but it was too windy. It’s now set for takeoff at noon CT today from a base in the west Texas town of Van Horn. Its trajectory will take it a little more than 62 miles above earth in just 3 minutes, passing the “Karman line” which is the edge of space. That’s where the crew will experience 3 minutes of weightlessness and then head back down to earth, landing about 2 miles away from where it took off. In all, the whole experience should take about 7 minutes.

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